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Difference Between home loan and land loan

Basically, home loans and land loans will have several similarities. A borrower should have a clear understanding of home loans and land loans. A home loan is taken to purchase a new villa or constructed one. A housing loan assists to buy constructed on are under construction. A land loan is used to buy a […]

A Simple Guide to CIBIL Score for Home Loans

OWN HOME is a dream for a middle-class family. Most of the middle class cannot afford their own homes due to a surplus of cash, higher plot rate, and bank policies. With help of a bank loan that would be close to your dream. Does CIBIL matter for Home Loan? If you think buying a […]

Chennai’s emerging real estate 2022

This pandemic situation has led to economic unpredictability across various sectors in this modern world which includes the real estate sector. Chennai city’s realty sector has been strong steady growth since September 2021. Real estate is at the top because of three main important factors lowered rate of interest, demand translating, and a reason to […]